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The cancer antigen atlas (caAtlas) is a comprehensive resource for the selection and prioritization of peptides for immunogenicity testing and cancer immunotherapy development. It was built upon publicly available mass spectrometry (MS)-based human immunopeptidomic datasets from 311 cancer samples covering nine cancer types and 707 non-cancerous samples. Standardized analysis of the 81.6 million MS/MS spectra from these datasets identified 11.3 million peptide-spectrum matches corresponding to 473,288 peptides, including 139,269 modified peptides and 420,702 non-modified peptides. Further analysis of these data provided evidence for tumor specific-presentation of post translationally modified antigens, cancer testis antigens and cancer type-specific tumor associated antigens. caAtlas makes all these data together with annotated MS/MS spectra supporting each individual antigen identification in an easily browsable web portal.